Custom Exhibit Services

Even if you do not have experience selling customized exhibits, rest-assured, we do and can help you through the process. With over 40 years of experience in the design, construction, project management and fulfillment of custom and custom modular exhibits, we have what it takes to help you build your business in the pitch, sale and services related to custom exhibits.



Exhibit Design & Project Management

From the very first step in the process, our team analyzes the information you provide to design an exhibit that meets the exhibitors’ needs! Information needed includes:

  • Show Dates
  • Size of space contracted / configuration
  • Budget for booth build
  • Goals
  • Look & feel desired
  • Functional requirements – product displays, demo stations, theater space, storage, etc.

Our exhibit designers approach every project as 'original' and incorporate a wide array of styles, textures, fabrics, media and graphics to create captivating, artistic spaces that help clients achieve their goals.

Once you make the sale, the new project is kicked off and assigned a project manager to oversee the build, manufacture and production of the exhibit. Our team of project managers have extensive experience managing multi-faceted exhibit builds and the associated timelines. With a calculated sequence of steps in the process, they manage timing of each so that purchasing, manufacturing, graphic printing/finishing, and the installation staff is scheduled to contribute when their predecessors complete their part of the project!


Manufacturing & Fabrication

We have our own library of proprietary engineered aluminum extrusions, tube structures and wood panel systems it uses for the construction of exhibit framework. Frame systems are custom-cut, mitered, welded and built specifically for your project. We have a team of expert craftsman, metal working professionals and skilled welding technicians who produce the required frameworks to spec.

Frameworks are then coupled with the best quality custom printed and finished graphics - suited for the desired look and feel. We print on over 23 graphic materials - fabrics, canvas, vinyl, sheer, plexiglass and many more. Materials do matter. Each fabric we use has unique qualities and performs differently in various environments.

Lighting is an important part of a custom exhibit that will help your customer achieve the mood, style and staging that you desire. Orbus stocks and incorporates many innovative lighting solutions into custom exhibits to ensure we make your project glow!

You can also provide existing display structures, elements, and accessories for incorporation into the exhibit build as well.


Installation & Dismantling

The set-up team installs your booth in our 10,000 sq. ft. custom exhibit preview area. You and your client are invited to come on-site for a physical preview or conduct an online preview of the exhibit before it ships.

For show-site installation and dismantle, Orbus suggests that you contract your I&D labor with Sho-Link, our preferred I&D partner. Sho-Link staff is trained on all of Orbus’ and Nimlok exhibit frameworks and goes through annual refresher courses to ensure the best and more efficient set-up for our dealer customers.


Logistics & Shipping

We ship thousands of custom exhibits – to the advanced warehouse, direct to show site, the permanent interior space – whatever you and your customer desire. Choose to have Orbus contract the LTL service through its many carrier partners on your behalf or you can certainly contract and provide your sales person and project manager with the details you arrange for pick-up.

Although it is your choice, we encourage you to work through us for freight coordination; we have leverage at times when sticky situations arise!


Warehousing & Asset Management

We offer a variety of service capabilities and storage options from Chicago and Las Vegas and have dedicated service teams to support companies who would like their exhibit material inspected, prepared and/or stored in between shows and events.

Talk to your sales representative for an estimate on warehousing and asset management services for your customers’ projects!

Warehousing and Asset Management